Product W28

White Zombie Hot Sauce 5oz

White Zombie Hot Sauce – Captain Thom’s trade route takes him and his crew to many places.
“Big game fishing in the West African Gulf of Guinea was a big adventure for me and my crew. After one such day, a friend invited us to participate in a West African Voodoo Ritual. The emotions of the ritual were intense. Afterwards, the High Priestess gave us a gift. It was the Voodoo Juice. How did she know the crew and I love hot foods?” It will bring on the Voodoo spirit”, she said, and then turned and walked away.”

Try the Voodoo Juice and it will bring on the voodoo in you, too!

2007 Fiery Food Challenge, Hot Sauce – Fruit – 2nd Place

Ingredients: Red Savina mash, carrots, onions, white vinegar, brown sugar, white sugar, papaya juice, pineapple juice, banana, brown rum, lime juice, salt, spices.

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