Italian Party are my favourite… but we still have more spicy sauce.

Someone said that if you want to have a taste of the native sauce, then try Italian. Well, I have grown to wish I had a taste of these delicacies. A couple of weeks ago, we (me and my friend, met an Italian guy) and I had an experience of what it means to be in the Italian world. I was invited into a party, whose theme was “Gli italiani sono più piccanti” (I am not very sure what the meaning is but should be something about Italian and their… particualar appeal.

Since I am a food blogger and a foodie (ok… a girl) at the same time, you can expect the curiosity that came from this slogan. (BIG SMILE). What is it with these Italians. I guess I had a taste of the best and worst foods this world will ever see.

Venetian Style

To begin with, the party was in a rare hotel that had enjoyed some renovation some months ago. Well, the hotel looked and spoke of Italian architecture. I guess the owner is Italian too. The combination of the Venetian style (I actually discovered that not everyone knows where Venice is) and the beautiful chandeliers was actually thrilling. The light shone brightly to illuminate the Moorish and Gothic structures all over the hotel. At least, my mind was taken to Italy, and even if it was all Venetian style I must say that I felt like in Rome, the city of the Holy. I can admit that the designer had the appetite of the customers in place. At the door, the waiters gave a shot of native Italian wine, maybe an appetizer for the food or the party.

The smell of sauce was all over the dining area. I am a sauce lover and I have tasted almost all sauces on menus, which of course reveals why the smell caught my attention. Unlike many hotels do, the dining table had adequate lighting, maybe to reveal  the expertise of the chefs. How could a chandelier produce such fascinating light all over the place? I would love to give you an idea of how beautiful the illumination was, check this website they have some interesting piece I would love to buy one day for my future restaurant. In fact, the color combinations of the furniture and walls added to the attractive aroma of the foods around. I was eagerly waiting for that time to taste the colorful dishes on the table, at least I realized the sauce should have the red color of tomatoes as the dominant one, unlike the common sauces I have had.

Italian Delicacies

When it was my turn to fill my plate, I must admit that I wanted everything on offer. How would a meal of seafood taste with Couscous? A combination of nature and spices should give a taste that matches with the mouth-watering aroma. I had once tasted Biscotti dish and I loved it. This time, it was combined with sour cherry while the Turkey meatballs had some Salsa Verde on them. The beautiful chandelier on top of these dishes produced fascinating light, enough to see the depth of spices
in these foods. Finally, I settled for a combination of Bacon baked shells with roasted cauliflower. The curiosity to know how cauliflower would taste on Bacon was overwhelming.

On matters soups, Italy prides in innovative seasonings and unique tastes. Again, as a foodie, I should have tasted most of the soups on offer including broccoli sausage soup and the tasty Sicilian soup (Couscous deposits). However, have you ever imagined combining sweet potato, butternut and Ginger to produce soup? Well, to me it was a perfect combination. The curiosity on my face betrayed me to the waiter and she had to explain that the combination has immune benefits to the body. It is evident that as a food blogger I usually assume the nutritional aspects and focus on taste of the food instated.

Our Suace still better, but Italians have some plus on presentation

With my plate almost full, it was time to taste the iconic Italian sauce. My love for hot sauce is
undoubted and I always give a genuine verdict on those that I have a taste but.. it still true that our souce taste beter.

In this case, I must admit that the presentation itself was quite attractive. The smell of pepper, garlic and basil was so overwhelming. From the yellow light of the chandeliers, I could see the thickness of the sauce, imagining how sweet it
would be to taste. The presentation was a sure bet that the hot sauce will be fulfilling and satisfying. I loved the sight of the sauce and for a moment, I was not listening to the chef explaining on the preparation procedure, but I realized seasoning and ingredients matter in sauce quality.

The environment you take food in has some influence on the perceived properties of the food. This day was another proof of this statement. Everything in the interior had Italian touch, a Byzantine design there, Gothic structure and finishes and the majestic
Moorish woodworks all around the hotel. I could feel the taste of Italy even before I started eating, an aspect that I always applaud when writing about food and hot sauces. The calm light from the beautiful chandeliers in the dining area was encouraging enough to clear off the plate and go for another set of delicacies.

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