Hot Sauce, How To Stop The Burn

We Love Hot Sauce

I like the burn of hot sauce, however, you could get too much of a good thing. From a chemistry perspective, what else could you do that actually halts the burning of hot peppers? Exactly what does not work properly? This is what you should know:

The reason why hot sauce Burns

Hot sauce contains a substance called capsaicin or many of the associated compounds known as capsaicinoids which in turn create a burning feeling once they enters into contact with mucous membranes. Even though capsaicinoids create a feeling of heat, they don’t actually attack your own tissue or cause a chemical burn. The actual molecules join to a pain receptor, therefore you may experience excuciating discomfort, but your body isn’t getting damaged by the chemical. Capsaicin is an alkaline oil. When you maintain its chemical properties in mind, you will have a much better possibility of soothing the actual burn.

Water Does Not Help With Hot Sauce.

Drinking water does not stop the burning of Hot Sauce simply because the oil-based capsaicin will not dissolve in water. If anything at all, drinking water spreads the actual burning to parts which were not formerly affected.

Steer clear of Alcohol With Hot Sauce

Alcohol is ineffective towards the heat of the Hot Sauce. Chasing hot food along with alcohol will amplify the actual burn simply because the capsaicin will certainly dissolve within the alcohol, but will not be neutralized by it. You’ll spread the actual burn around. The actual exclusion here would be if you’ve had enough alcohol to dull pain reception.

Consume Acid with Hot Sauce

No, I’m not referring to sulfuric acid or even anything like this, however, if you follow the Hot Sauce with an acidic food or even drink you are able to neutralize a few of the activity of the alkaline capsaicinoid. Great choices include cold lemonade, a lime or lemon, orange juice, anything at all tomato-based, or even drinking milk (that is acidic).

Do Dairy with Hot Sauce

Whole milk, yogurt, and sour cream tend to be acidic, which will help to fight the actual burning. The milk protein called casein behaves as a all-natural detergent, breaking up the actual capsaicin. Many dairy products also contain fat which will help to dissolve the actual capsaicin. To get the most benefit from dairy, choose an acidic product which consists of fat. Put simply, sour cream or ice cream can help you a lot more than skim milk.

Include Carbohydrates with Hot Sauce

If you eat your own Hot Sauce with bread, rice, tortillas or some other starchy carbohydrate you will lessen the burning from the peppers. This works by supplying a physical barrier in between your mouth area as well as some of the actual capsaicin so less of it contacts your tongue, lips, etc. The sugars within the carbohydrates may also help decrease the activity of the capsaicinoids.

Additional Remedies

Did you know of other Hot Sauce treatments that work well? Any which definitely don’t help? Post a reply and share your own experience.

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