The Spiciest Indian Sauces and Dishes You Must Try

While the United States may have developed something of a reputation for creating extremely hot sauces and dishes that challenge the taste buds and the fortitude of the person putting the food in their mouths, it is likely in Indian food that you find the most potent combination of really spicy sauces that also offer a spectacular taste.

Head to your local Indian restaurant and you are sure to come across a few of the following dishes, all of which we truly recommend that you try if want to enjoy the full spectrum of what Indian sauces have to offer.

The Pork Vindaloo

We may as well start with what many consider to be one of the hottest Indian dishes. The pork vindaloo makes use of the infamous vindaloo sauce, which has been used the world over as a test by those who want to find out just how much heat they can handle in their food. It’s a good sauce to use too, as eating a vindaloo can feel like you’re passing a hot iron across your tongue if you are unprepared for the heat of the sauce. Some versions of this dish use chicken and potatoes, however, for the proper Indian experience you should go for the pork option, especially any versions that use a lot of pork fat.

The Chicken Balti

A standard favourite of curry eaters the world over, the humble chicken Balti is so popular because of how great it tastes. Succulent chunks of chicken are coated in a spicy sauce that features more than a slight hint of tomato. While it isn’t the hottest sauce that you will ever eat, a Balti still packs enough of a kick to it for it to be noticeable when you eat it. Inexperienced curry eaters may find their eyes water a little and their noses become runny, but for most, the Balti finds the perfect balance between offering a nice, spicy blend while also providing plenty of flavour so you can actually enjoy the dish.

Phaal Curry

Now this one may be cheating a little bit, as some would argue that the Phall curry we are going to talk about is not actually an Indian curry sauce at all. Instead, it finds its origins in the English city of Birmingham, where it was created to offer a hotness challenge to the infamous vindaloo. The end product was a curry sauce that actually goes beyond what vindaloo has to offer. If vindaloo feels like pressing an iron against your tongue, Phaal curry can feel like wrapping it in a Corby trouser press. The sauce itself uses a wide variety of standard chili peppers, though some have been known to go the extra mile by incorporating habaneros. If you can get past the hotness, you may notice hints of ginger and tomato, though we bet you will be rushing for the water before you really taste anything.

Chicken Chettinad

Hailing from Tamil Nadu, this form of curry is not only one of the spiciest to come out of India, but it also has an absolutely stunning aroma to it that is sure to draw you in and make you want to try it, even if you are a little wary about how hot the sauce can be. Made using a blend of spices, chettinad sauce usually tops a meat-based dish, with prawn and fish being among the favourites, though chicken is perhaps the most popular choice. Oh, and you should also have a boiled egg with the sauce. In fact, some would go so far as to call it an absolutely essential part of the dish.


We are sticking with hotness here, as the rista is another that is able to compare well against vindaloo, though it is perhaps not quite as hot. Made using a variety of red peppers, the rista sauce is actually a little thinner in terms of texture when compared to many of the other sauces on this list. Don’t let that fool you though, as this is definitely not a sauce that you want to just drink down alongside your food. It is usually combined with lamb to create a very fiery meatball curry that will have your taste buds screaming for mercy in no time if you aren’t ready for it.

Piro Aloo

Finally, a dish that not only suits the vegetarian, but also offers a level of spiciness that you aren’t going to find in many Indian sauces. The Piro Aloo is inspired by the Indian favourite of Dum Aloo, but it is actually a Nepalese dish where the focus appears to have been taking the Dum Aloo and making it at least ten times spicier. It is a touch on the dry side, but there is a reason this dish and the sauce it uses is becoming increasingly popular in India, with many even choosing it over the traditional Dum Aloo.

The Four Best Chili Sauces

As any chili sauce enthusiast knows, a lot goes into making a truly great sauce. It’s not all about making it as hot as possible, though that certainly plays a part. Instead, it’s all really all about how the various flavours within the sauce combine, both to make it a great standalone product in addition to ensuring it mixes well with a variety of other foods.

Of course, with so many sauces out there it can be really tough to pick out the ones that you think are the absolute best. To help you along, we have compiled a list of four great chili sauces that we think everybody should try.

Henry’s Hot Sauce Carolina Reaper

Henry’s Hot Sauce makes a variety of different sauces, so you are sure to find something there that will suit your taste buds. For us, though, it has to be the sauce the company makes using the infamous Carolina Reaper chili. The Henry family cultivates all of its own ingredients at its farm, which means you know you’re getting something exceptional and natural when you buy one of their products. As for this sauce, it is one of the absolute hottest around and will provide a very stern challenge to anybody who thinks they have what it takes to eat the hottest sauces. Better yet, it tastes great too.

Valentina Salsa Picante

A Mexican staple for the better part of forty years, you are likely to see this particular sauce in practically any food establishment in the country. A nice mix of chilies, salt, spices, and vinegar creates a fairly substantial and thick source that focuses more on flavour rather than hotness. It’s ideal for people who like the classic sweet and sour mix. However, don’t go in unprepared. Even if the focus isn’t on heat, you may find some hotness sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

Crazy Uncle Jester’s Spontaneous Combustion

Make way Tabsaco, because this sauce is here to really knock some people’s socks off. Made using the infamous habanero peppers, the sauce actually stuffs an entire bushel of the things into the bottle, making it extremely hot. This is purely one for people who enjoy the challenge of eating the hottest sauce possible, though at the same time it by no means has a bad flavour to it either. It gives a pretty extreme taste of the American state of Louisiana, but it is definitely worth your time.

Huy Fong Chili Garlic

Made in 1980 by David Tran, who has a few other very good sauces to his name, this chili garlic mixture is absolutely delicious and goes with practically any meal. Some people may be a little put off by its thickness, which means you can’t exactly slather it all over your food. However, with a little bit of patience, and perhaps a spoon, you will soon find yourself absolutely falling in love with it. We also recommend taking on some of David Tran’s other sauces to get the full experience of what he has to offer.

The Blair’s 16 Million Reserve

If you don’t know the term “Scoville units” you need to learn it if you are really going to explore the world of hot sauces. Scoville units are used to measure the hotness of a sauce, so the higher the number is the more likely the sauce is to absolutely sear your taste buds off.

What would you think if we told you the average bottle of Tabasco sauce ranks at approx. 2,500 scoville units? Sounds pretty high doesn’t it? In actuality, that isn’t anywhere near the hottest a sauce can go. There are some out there that crack over 100,000 units and a few that jump into the millions.

That brings us to the product we are going to look at today. Blair’s 16 Million Reserve. Note the 16 million used in the name? That’s a measure of how many scoville units this particular extract contains and it is certified as the single hottest extract that has ever been created.

It’s Not a Sauce

The first thing that makes Blair’s 16 Million Reserve somewhat unique is that it is not actually a sauce. Instead, it is a combination of extracts from various chilis and other ingredients, all of which have been pulled together to create small crystals, which the owner can use in the creation of their own sauces.

These crystals are so potent that you need to wear hand and eye protection just to handle them. After all, getting one in your eye could cause really serious damage, so they are not to be fooled around with. Further, you need to control your use of the crystals very carefully. Put more than one in anything that you are cooking and you will create something so hot that it is sure to cause illness.

According to the New York Post, the Blair’s 16 Million Reserve compares to Tabasco sauce in the same way a small bottle rocket compares to the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki. In telling you that is an apt description, you will understand just how potentially lethal this chili extract actually is.

So How do I Get It?

Much like with Blair’s other products, the 16 Million Reserve is made available only in limited quantities. In many ways, it is treated like a very fine wine by its creators, so there are only 999 bottles in existence, many of which have already been sold.

Happily, there are still some bottle available via Blair’s website, so if you really need to get your hands on it you still can, for the right price. However, you will also need to read a detailed product disclaimer that tells you exactly how dangerous this potent extract actually is.

Pay attention to that disclaimer, because if you become even slightly frivolous with the Blair’s 16 Million, it has the potential to cause some serious damage to you and others around you.

Just one last note. To show how hot this extract is, understand that it is chemically impossible at this point in time to create something hotter.

Italian Party are my favourite… but we still have more spicy sauce.

Someone said that if you want to have a taste of the native sauce, then try Italian. Well, I have grown to wish I had a taste of these delicacies. A couple of weeks ago, we (me and my friend, met an Italian guy) and I had an experience of what it means to be in the Italian world. I was invited into a party, whose theme was “Gli italiani sono più piccanti” (I am not very sure what the meaning is but should be something about Italian and their… particualar appeal.

Since I am a food blogger and a foodie (ok… a girl) at the same time, you can expect the curiosity that came from this slogan. (BIG SMILE). What is it with these Italians. I guess I had a taste of the best and worst foods this world will ever see.

Venetian Style

To begin with, the party was in a rare hotel that had enjoyed some renovation some months ago. Well, the hotel looked and spoke of Italian architecture. I guess the owner is Italian too. The combination of the Venetian style (I actually discovered that not everyone knows where Venice is) and the beautiful chandeliers was actually thrilling. The light shone brightly to illuminate the Moorish and Gothic structures all over the hotel. At least, my mind was taken to Italy, and even if it was all Venetian style I must say that I felt like in Rome, the city of the Holy. I can admit that the designer had the appetite of the customers in place. At the door, the waiters gave a shot of native Italian wine, maybe an appetizer for the food or the party.

The smell of sauce was all over the dining area. I am a sauce lover and I have tasted almost all sauces on menus, which of course reveals why the smell caught my attention. Unlike many hotels do, the dining table had adequate lighting, maybe to reveal  the expertise of the chefs. How could a chandelier produce such fascinating light all over the place? I would love to give you an idea of how beautiful the illumination was, check this website they have some interesting piece I would love to buy one day for my future restaurant. In fact, the color combinations of the furniture and walls added to the attractive aroma of the foods around. I was eagerly waiting for that time to taste the colorful dishes on the table, at least I realized the sauce should have the red color of tomatoes as the dominant one, unlike the common sauces I have had.

Italian Delicacies

When it was my turn to fill my plate, I must admit that I wanted everything on offer. How would a meal of seafood taste with Couscous? A combination of nature and spices should give a taste that matches with the mouth-watering aroma. I had once tasted Biscotti dish and I loved it. This time, it was combined with sour cherry while the Turkey meatballs had some Salsa Verde on them. The beautiful chandelier on top of these dishes produced fascinating light, enough to see the depth of spices
in these foods. Finally, I settled for a combination of Bacon baked shells with roasted cauliflower. The curiosity to know how cauliflower would taste on Bacon was overwhelming.

On matters soups, Italy prides in innovative seasonings and unique tastes. Again, as a foodie, I should have tasted most of the soups on offer including broccoli sausage soup and the tasty Sicilian soup (Couscous deposits). However, have you ever imagined combining sweet potato, butternut and Ginger to produce soup? Well, to me it was a perfect combination. The curiosity on my face betrayed me to the waiter and she had to explain that the combination has immune benefits to the body. It is evident that as a food blogger I usually assume the nutritional aspects and focus on taste of the food instated.

Our Suace still better, but Italians have some plus on presentation

With my plate almost full, it was time to taste the iconic Italian sauce. My love for hot sauce is
undoubted and I always give a genuine verdict on those that I have a taste but.. it still true that our souce taste beter.

In this case, I must admit that the presentation itself was quite attractive. The smell of pepper, garlic and basil was so overwhelming. From the yellow light of the chandeliers, I could see the thickness of the sauce, imagining how sweet it
would be to taste. The presentation was a sure bet that the hot sauce will be fulfilling and satisfying. I loved the sight of the sauce and for a moment, I was not listening to the chef explaining on the preparation procedure, but I realized seasoning and ingredients matter in sauce quality.

The environment you take food in has some influence on the perceived properties of the food. This day was another proof of this statement. Everything in the interior had Italian touch, a Byzantine design there, Gothic structure and finishes and the majestic
Moorish woodworks all around the hotel. I could feel the taste of Italy even before I started eating, an aspect that I always applaud when writing about food and hot sauces. The calm light from the beautiful chandeliers in the dining area was encouraging enough to clear off the plate and go for another set of delicacies.

Hot Peppers Are Great For Yourself

Why are Hot peppers good for Yourself?

Perhaps the most common misunderstanding concerning weber barbecue lovers it that eating hot peppers is they could cause stomach problems or even indigestion. You can frequently listen to individuals blaming their stomach pains on the “spicy food I consumed earlier”. In reality, it wasn’t the spice which gave you that heartburn. Something different in your daily diet, such as greasy foods, are what’s leading to those aches. Investigated evidence establishes that hot peppers actually possess the complete opposite effect.


The actual ingredient in peppers that brings the actual heat is known as “capsicum” and it’s in fact truly great for you personally. While causing a burning feeling in your taste buds, it also stimulates many nerve endings in a very positive way giving hot peppers amazing healing and also preventative powers.

Several Reasons Why Spicy Hot Peppers Are Great For You:

  • Hot Peppers combat waterborne illness (this is why the Mayans in fact began to consume habanero peppers)
  • Hot Peppers reduces the risk of strokes.
  • Hot Peppers kills off many types of cancers.
  • Helps with weight-loss by acting as a thermogenic.
  • Safeguards the stomach lining from obtaining ulcers and also aids in digestive function.
  • Cuts down on the risk of cardiovascular diseases by lowering your blood pressure.
  • Full of Vitamins A and also C, as well as calcium.

Don’t believe the common myths about hot peppers. The actual spice is wonderful for you!

If you want have the best taste of a sauce nothing better than have it on a Barbecue.

Start including these to your diet, however make sure to do it gradually so you build an appropriate ability to tolerate the actual heat. Consume hot and spicy, eat healthy.

Hot Peppers Have Numerous Health Benefits

What are the health benefits of Hot peppers?

Good news Guys!Consume your hot peppers. Habanero, jalapeno, Scotch bonnet – these hot but yummy types of the actual capsicum frutescens possess multiple health advantages – such as the capability to drive prostate cancer cells to kill themselves.

It’s true that Yale University reported a close connection between the hot peppers and stomach cancer in Mexican employees who consumed from 9 to 25 jalapenos a day. It’s also factual that these details has become disputed simply by additional research workers which found that rates of stomach cancer declined in the usa, in spite of fact consumption of salsa, chili and other hot foods really had increased.

But a recent study found that elevated concentration of capsaicin, the actual compound which makes hot peppers hot, caused much more prostate cancer cells to freeze in a non-proliferative phase. Researchers concluded that capsaicin has a serious anti-proliferative action upon human prostate type of cancer cells within culture. The cells of cancer actually committed suicide. Capsaicin additionally produced a significant deceleration of the development of prostate tumors created simply by those human cell lines grown in mouse models.

In recent years hot peppers received positive viewpoints from numerous research workers because of their anti-oxidant, or cancer-fighting, actions. Anti-inflammatory properties within peppers happen to be tapped to treat migraines, arthritis and also muscle pain. Capsaicin from hot peppers has also been discovered effective towards leukemia.

Hot peppers are a fantastic source of nutritional vitamins A, C and E, potassium and folic. They’re low in calories and also sodium and consist of no carbs. Their taste has spawned lots of appreciation societies all over the world, not to mention worldwide competitions to discover the hottest variety on the planet.

Hot peppers also have been found to be a highly effective appetite suppressor and also working to clear a stuffy head; they can aggravate existing heartburn but not cause it.

Exactly what does this mean in the kitchen area? Mexican food or curry followers have been in luck: the hotter the pepper, the greater the benefit. Enjoyhot peppers.

Hot Sauce, How To Stop The Burn

We Love Hot Sauce

I like the burn of hot sauce, however, you could get too much of a good thing. From a chemistry perspective, what else could you do that actually halts the burning of hot peppers? Exactly what does not work properly? This is what you should know:

The reason why hot sauce Burns

Hot sauce contains a substance called capsaicin or many of the associated compounds known as capsaicinoids which in turn create a burning feeling once they enters into contact with mucous membranes. Even though capsaicinoids create a feeling of heat, they don’t actually attack your own tissue or cause a chemical burn. The actual molecules join to a pain receptor, therefore you may experience excuciating discomfort, but your body isn’t getting damaged by the chemical. Capsaicin is an alkaline oil. When you maintain its chemical properties in mind, you will have a much better possibility of soothing the actual burn.

Water Does Not Help With Hot Sauce.

Drinking water does not stop the burning of Hot Sauce simply because the oil-based capsaicin will not dissolve in water. If anything at all, drinking water spreads the actual burning to parts which were not formerly affected.

Steer clear of Alcohol With Hot Sauce

Alcohol is ineffective towards the heat of the Hot Sauce. Chasing hot food along with alcohol will amplify the actual burn simply because the capsaicin will certainly dissolve within the alcohol, but will not be neutralized by it. You’ll spread the actual burn around. The actual exclusion here would be if you’ve had enough alcohol to dull pain reception.

Consume Acid with Hot Sauce

No, I’m not referring to sulfuric acid or even anything like this, however, if you follow the Hot Sauce with an acidic food or even drink you are able to neutralize a few of the activity of the alkaline capsaicinoid. Great choices include cold lemonade, a lime or lemon, orange juice, anything at all tomato-based, or even drinking milk (that is acidic).

Do Dairy with Hot Sauce

Whole milk, yogurt, and sour cream tend to be acidic, which will help to fight the actual burning. The milk protein called casein behaves as a all-natural detergent, breaking up the actual capsaicin. Many dairy products also contain fat which will help to dissolve the actual capsaicin. To get the most benefit from dairy, choose an acidic product which consists of fat. Put simply, sour cream or ice cream can help you a lot more than skim milk.

Include Carbohydrates with Hot Sauce

If you eat your own Hot Sauce with bread, rice, tortillas or some other starchy carbohydrate you will lessen the burning from the peppers. This works by supplying a physical barrier in between your mouth area as well as some of the actual capsaicin so less of it contacts your tongue, lips, etc. The sugars within the carbohydrates may also help decrease the activity of the capsaicinoids.

Additional Remedies

Did you know of other Hot Sauce treatments that work well? Any which definitely don’t help? Post a reply and share your own experience.

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

The health benefits regarding cayenne pepper make it truly probably the most effective herbal products in your antiaging arsenal. Cayenne pepper and heart health work together, and also cayenne pepper herbal products really are a generations old efficient folk treatment. Let me explain to you why

What is Cayenne?

Cayenne is really a fresh fruit not a herb, but includes the actual healing attributes of herbs. Cayenne peppers are part of the actual nightshade group of plants just like the jalapeno and also bell pepper.

These all contain oleoresin capsaicin which is from where the health advantages of cayenne pepper originate from.

It really is used in hot and spicy dishes as a powder or even vinegar like sauce. It receives it’s hot attributes from a element known as capsaicin oleoresin which in turn affects the actual body’s nerves making them to produce neurotransmitter known as substance-p into the bloodstream.

This release of substance-p is what causes the actual burning feeling. Nevertheless this neurotransmitter is actually quickly depleted, temporarily blocking the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. This is actually the basis for the health advantages associated with cayenne pepper.

The actual hot properties of cayenne are calculated in scoville units, also called heat units. Cayenne peppers are generally in between 30,000 and also 50,000 scoville units, with some other kinds of hot peppers actually exceeding 100,000 heat units.

Most commercial encapsulated cayenne powders begin around 20,000 units, which is pretty adequate to obtain the benefits of cayenne. It can also be made as a tea or even a tincture, which is more effective in getting cayenne pepper herbs in to the body quickly.

You need to be cautious utilizing capsules of cayenne, simply because once they begin to break down in your stomach the sensation can be very uncomfortable to completely painful.

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Some of the health advantages associated with cayenne pepper are:

  • Ability to end a heart attack within progress
  • Lowering blood pressure level while building up heart overall performance
  • Risk-free and natural stimulant action
  • Improves circulation by means of vasodilatation
  • Effective topical ointment pain reliever for arthritis and joint pain
  • Helpful for reducing gastrointestinal issues such as stomach aches, cramping pains and also gas
  • Relieving head ache pain
  • Thinning the blood – being able to help prevent blood clots
  • Relieving pain because of diabetic neuropathy, shingles, psoriasis, and fibromyalgia

The health benefits of cayenne pepper revolve around this substance-p depletion impact. Cayenne pepper and also heart health are associated with this also. Cayenne aids in promoting cardiovascular health and posseses an all around tonic effect on the circulatory system.

Cayenne Pepper and also Coronary heart Health

Probably the most dramatic health advantages of cayenne pepper is its claimed capability to cease a heart attack in its tracks! This particular effect comes from the ability of cayenne to behave like a vasodilator and also open arteries permitting crucial blood circulation towards the coronary heart in order to continue.


Cayenne aids in preventing blood clots from forming due to it’s impact on blood platelet aggregation (stickiness). This anticoagulant effect is part of the connection in between cayenne pepper and also heart health, and also cayenne will do it naturally with no toxic negative effects.

In the case of cardiac arrest, cayenne is best given orally as a tincture or hot tea to speed its entry in to the blood stream. According to the well-known herbalist Dr. John Christopher this comes down to a teaspoon of cayenne powder inside a cup of hot water, about 500mg dosage.

Dr. Christopher says that he has utilized this preparation a number of occasions in order to save the actual life of a patient who had been having a heart attack. The cayenne tea was capable of dilate the arteries and bring back crucial blood circulation and also blood flow to the heart.

Hot Sauce To Heat Things UP

Hot Sauce Can Be A Great Thing

There’s nothing just like a splash of hot sauce to spice up including the blandest of all dishes. In fact, in keeping with the actual genre of sauces around the globe, the hot sauce is not only an accompaniment but also does honors as the prime additive in many meals.

Hot Sauce, What Does It Mean?

The term hot sauce couldn’t happen to be much more apt for it refers to any hot and also spicy sauce made from chilly peppers or even chilly extracts and vinegar. Thus, you could have hot sauce made from any type of chilly pepper (i.e., the actual fruits of plants hailing from the Capsicum family) just like red peppers, habanera or tabasco. The actual Tabasco sauce is the most well-known among all of the hot sauce available.

Exactly how hot your hot sauce will likely be is determined by the type of pepper being used. Thus, you have the bell pepper having a hardly there taste on one side of the actual range plus the robust habaneros, that will work up a significant steam, on the other end. Interestingly, it’s a compound known as capsaicin, which imparts the actual characteristic heat towards the pepper in the hot sauce.

The hot sauce is a well-liked constituent in many Mexican and Cajun dishes plus in Thai and Vietnamese food. Yet, its many wide-spread use is, being a barbeque complement.

Bar-b-q sauce is poured onto grilled or even barbecued meats. It’s also utilized like a dipper. A hot barbecue sauce is usually a blend of sweet, sour and spicy elements and also the most popular combination contains tomato flavorings, vinegar and also sugar.

Bar-b-q sauces are available in multitude types and some contain hot sauce, with every region bragging with their native BBQ sauce. Thus you have the fiery Texas variety using a tomato base, the actual vinegar and also tomato based Arkansas variety tempered down by molasses, the white mayo based Alabama type and the black pepper, mustard and also vinegar mixture hailing from South Carolina.

For all the fire they will spew, the hot sauce is easy to prepare.

Obtain a few peppers (the number totally depends upon how hot your own sauce will be) like habanera or even tabasco, a cup of water, 1/3 cup red wine vinegar, a single bell pepper, a tablespoon of paprika, salt to taste and also cumin should you want. Chop or grind the peppers and boil it with the ingredients. Lastly, crush this heady mixture inside a blender. Your hot sauce is prepared.

A thing of caution

While dealing with pepper and also pepper sauces, don’t forget to wear the actual gloves. Several peppers tend to be nothing less than live ammunition and so are known to cause skin soreness and they are particularly unpleasant once they enter into the eyes.

There’s more to a pepper than just the actual tangy flavor. Peppers are generally storehouses of nutritional vitamins A, C and also E, potassium and folic acid. Therefore apart from the distinct taste, the hot sauces additionally impart some nutrients and vitamins to the meals they will grace.

The hot sauce retains its own in what ever dish it appears. As they say, enjoy it or loathe it, you simply cannot overlook it.