The Blair’s 16 Million Reserve

If you don’t know the term “Scoville units” you need to learn it if you are really going to explore the world of hot sauces. Scoville units are used to measure the hotness of a sauce, so the higher the number is the more likely the sauce is to absolutely sear your taste buds off.

What would you think if we told you the average bottle of Tabasco sauce ranks at approx. 2,500 scoville units? Sounds pretty high doesn’t it? In actuality, that isn’t anywhere near the hottest a sauce can go. There are some out there that crack over 100,000 units and a few that jump into the millions.

That brings us to the product we are going to look at today. Blair’s 16 Million Reserve. Note the 16 million used in the name? That’s a measure of how many scoville units this particular extract contains and it is certified as the single hottest extract that has ever been created.

It’s Not a Sauce

The first thing that makes Blair’s 16 Million Reserve somewhat unique is that it is not actually a sauce. Instead, it is a combination of extracts from various chilis and other ingredients, all of which have been pulled together to create small crystals, which the owner can use in the creation of their own sauces.

These crystals are so potent that you need to wear hand and eye protection just to handle them. After all, getting one in your eye could cause really serious damage, so they are not to be fooled around with. Further, you need to control your use of the crystals very carefully. Put more than one in anything that you are cooking and you will create something so hot that it is sure to cause illness.

According to the New York Post, the Blair’s 16 Million Reserve compares to Tabasco sauce in the same way a small bottle rocket compares to the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki. In telling you that is an apt description, you will understand just how potentially lethal this chili extract actually is.

So How do I Get It?

Much like with Blair’s other products, the 16 Million Reserve is made available only in limited quantities. In many ways, it is treated like a very fine wine by its creators, so there are only 999 bottles in existence, many of which have already been sold.

Happily, there are still some bottle available via Blair’s website, so if you really need to get your hands on it you still can, for the right price. However, you will also need to read a detailed product disclaimer that tells you exactly how dangerous this potent extract actually is.

Pay attention to that disclaimer, because if you become even slightly frivolous with the Blair’s 16 Million, it has the potential to cause some serious damage to you and others around you.

Just one last note. To show how hot this extract is, understand that it is chemically impossible at this point in time to create something hotter.

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